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Part 2: Payment

Accepted new membership applications received have active memberships through 12/31/2015.

Asset Size:*
Under $50 Million $50 to $100 Million (includes league staff) $100 to $750 Million Over $750 Million

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Memberships for applications submitted or or after September 2, 2014 are active through December 31, 2015.

Asset size 2 + members* 1 member
$750 Million+

Annual dues

$325 each $375
$100 - $750 Million

Annual dues

$285 each $325
$50 - $100 Million (includes league staff)

Annual dues

$255 each $285
$0 - $50 Million

Annual dues

$95 each $95

*From any combination of Councils from the same credit union
*Membership is active through 12/31/15.

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